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On a Mission [+ Weigh In]

   My May goal was to run 31 miles in 31 days. Mission Accomplished! On to the next one. I’ve set a goal to have an official mission statement before my BDay. I have a job that I don’t hate, but I feel like I’m not living up to my potential. I want to do something different, […]

Please Don’t Acknowledge Me

This picture is of my dog Star (left) and my Mom’s beloved Bebe (right) having a little puppy party just because I’d walked into the room. It’s good to be acknowledged for doing very little. But it’s also awful. This Ted Talk says that when you tell people about your goals, your brain signals some of […]

Week 68: One Year With Weight Watchers

I’ve totally nailed weight maintenance! Oh, I’m supposed to hit goal weight before I start maintenance? Po-ta-to, Po-tah-to. I’ll get there. I know, you’re asking, “When?” Soon.  I have newfound inspiration: the bikini. I have a girls’ getaway to one of Delaware’s finest beaches in 3 weeks. Weather’s been extreme already this Spring, so I want to […]

Week 53 Weigh-In: Shirt Tucked In

I couldn’t figure out whether I should keep numbering the weeks, or start over, or just give my posts a title from now on. I decided to keep numbering until I hit 150 pounds. Pressure’s on! I had a small loss last week even though I ran the most miles I’ve ever run in a […]

Happy New Year!!

We’re here! 2012! I hope your 2011 was wonderful. Or at least was a good jumping-off point for what will be the legendary Year of the Dragon. For me 2011 was all about work. On my body.  At my job. But I didn’t put much effort into other parts of me. Good thing the new […]

50 Pounds Down!

Woo Hoo!! Party Time!

Week 44 Weigh-In

Confession. I’m being lazy now. Three workouts all week. Not preparing my own meals. Wrong answer. I should be totally motivated to get to 175 and hit the 50 pounds lost mark. I mean, I LOVE celebrating milestones. You remember my “They Fit!” excitement when I fit into those size 18 pants? And I should be […]